Two years ago today, Nicki Minaj dropped her 4th album, Queen. It was supported by singles Chun-Li, Bed, Barbie Dreams, Good Form, etc. The album debuted at #2 with 185K sales, which lead to an iconic Queen Radio episode. While Nicki Minaj was criticized for how she responded to her album's chart position, many of her critics later had to eat crow and admit she was ultimately right in what she was saying. Even though this is technically the Queen Era, I think of it as the "Blackball" era. It is no secret that Nicki Minaj is blackballed and often has to fight against being sabotaged by streaming platforms, radio, and the media. Despite all of that, Nicki Minaj is still the best female rapper in the game is still highly sought after for features.

What is your favorite memory from the era, fave tracks, and where does it rank in Nicki's discography.

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