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Nicki Minaj, "Stop Begging People To Do Things For You."


Twelve years after 5 Star Chick, Nicki Minaj is still having an epiphany. The Queen from Queens tweeted, "Stop begging ppl to do things for you. Ask once. If they can't/don't do it, get someone who will. Once it's done, if they bring it back up, play dumb. Like Huh? Oh, dat been got done chi...this life has no TIME to WAIT ON ANYFKNBODY. Don't be mad at ppl; handle your business. Took me so long to figure this out."

Who was Nicki begging to do something for her...Drake???

Well, it's good to see Nicki has stopped waiting on others to get things done for her. Just get shit done. Speaking of done...what's up with the album or doc?


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