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Shya L'amour and her candle are tired of Cardi B threatening her. Shya posted a video calling Ole Girl out for threats, disrespect, and going to blogs to push false narratives. Shya claims that Offset & Cardi blew up her phone begging to see receipts from 2018, which is why yesterday happened.

Shya L'amour and her candle are tired of Cardi B threatening her.

Now, remember that Cardi B does have violent tendencies. She is currently facing felony charges from the attack on the bartenders. Cardi's blood gang was indicted and Star Brim was charged over that incident. Also, Cardi B got a knot over a failed attempt to assault a rap legend, no name needed.

So, Shya should keep all receipts in case anything happens. I hope the D.A. is watching all of this.


Offset's baby mama, Shya L'amour, decided she had enough with Offset and his bottom bitch, Cardi B, disrespecting her. So, she took to Instagram to post 2018 messages between her and Offset, where he was begging to smack it up, flip it, rub it down one last time. The only problem is that Offset got dragged to the alter by Cardi B in September of 2017...I-Oops.

In one text message, Offset asked Shya, "Can I have it one more last time." She responded by calling him

Shya L'amour and her candle are tired of Cardi B threatening her

out for being married. He then threatens to ignore her. Now, we know that did not happen because he needed to use his kids for his "Father of 4" album rollout. That album dropped in Feb. 2019.

In fact, he rapped about his daughter Kalea on the song "Father of 4" saying, "Kalea, you my first, first daughter / I missed the first years of your life, I'm sorry / Tell the truth, I ain't really know if I was your father / Tell the truth, I really don't even know your mama / But I had to step up, my daddy had left us / Even though we gotta catch up, pray to God that he bless us / I'ma keep grindin' for my kids, never gon' let up I'ma put the money up for y'all, I can't be selfish."



Courtesy of Genius


But now, Offset is apparently upset that Shya is asking for more child support for their daughter. Shya is a working mother who is just trying to keep a roof over her kids' heads and food in their bellies. Offset makes money playing video games. Offset shouldn't take his album flopping out on his daughter. How is

Offset worried about people "dying next door" but not about his child?

Shya had praised Cardi B for making Offset a better man in the past, so I don't know if those feelings have changed.

Old Girl did post a clip of Mo'nique on her IG story last night. I don't know if this is to Shya or to the many other enemies she has.



Do y'all agree with Shya going public with her grievances against Offset?


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I normally like to keep such personal business in house, but Shya has been nothing but respectful to Offset and Cardi and in turn they give her their asses to kiss. Her being silent about the disrespect did nothing but let them know that they could continue to disrespect her. Well, fuck that! Put that shit on front street, Shya!


Fck Yaya
Fck Yaya

@Kimro if you remember Ole Girl leaked a photo of Kulture to ruin his album rollout LOL.

During this COVID-19 pandemic, you would think he would be more understanding.



All of his baby mamas seem really laid back. I think her asking for more money is only fair. When she said that ole girl made him better, I think it was to save face because of the album drop. She didn't do anything wrong by talking to Millie,ole girl fans are mad at which blog it was.

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