Updated: May 27, 2020


Ole Girl wants to finish this neverending album in Miami now. The way she is talking is she wants to move to Miami. What happened to that big ass house in Atlanta???

Without makeup, you can tell she had work done. That face is stretch out in her late 20s...YIKES!

Ole Girl told her fans that her new single was coming very soon while on Instagram Live yesterday. She

says, "ya'll gonna love it." Hopefully people "love it" more than they loved "Press" and the various snippets she has teased in the past. She says she can't say much because the "haters" be watching too. She sounds like someone paranoid that people do the sh*t she does.

It's interesting that she has a single coming "very soon" just as the Migos dropped their first single off their next project. I bet they drop an album around the same time and go on tour together. We all know she is the 4th Migos.

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