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Omeretta Revealed a Label Executive Started Rumors He Slept With Her After Being Rejected


Atlanta rapper, Omeretta, did an interview with Bars on I-95, where she spoke on different topics which included, how she's different from the current mainstream girls, why she hasn't signed with a major, getting a shoutout from Nicki Minaj, and more.

The "more" part of the interview is what alarmed me. Omeretta was asked how she, as a pretty girl with talent, dealt with men in the industry who may want a "favor for a favor." That's when Omeretta revealed that a music executive from a "big ass record label" tried to play with her reputation because she rejected him.

"I had someone from a big ass record label, and he was texting me like 3 o'clock in the morning trying to talk to me. I didn't respond, then I heard he was running around telling everybody he fck'd me. So, it was like, soon as you don't give someone what they want now you speaking bad on my name."

This executive needs to be exposed. There is already a stigma around female rappers who are successful.

People love to say they "slept their way to the top." If a female rapper is photographed with a man, "Oh, he smashed." People love to focus on the fantasy of all these women being hoes, then the reality that many of them had their careers sabotaged for turning down sexual favors.

We also know from Drew Dixon's eye-opening documentary "On The Record," that it's not just female rappers who are preyed upon and that some women in the industry are complicit in the sexual harassment of other women. Drew while being interviewed on Ebro In The Morning said Atlantic Records Chairman and COO, Julie Greenwald, once told her if she wants to move ahead that she should go out to the Hamptons and bring her knee pads.

These are the types of conversations about female rap that we need to be having. These executives/rappers need to be exposed. Also, we have to support the Black female rappers who men know are easy targets for smear campaigns.


There are a lot of executives who don't even like women or swing both ways and are predators. Why don't people bring up what some of the men had to do to get their deals?


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2021년 4월 13일

Damn that’s sad 😞 industry just trash. She’s such a dope rapper and beautiful.

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