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Pastor Gino Jennings Speaks On Beyonce and Jay-Z: "Beyonce Ain't Nobody To Look At"


Pastor Gino Jennings of the First Church of Our Lord Jesus in Philadelphia spoke on his 2018 interview with Fox 29, where he addressed Beyonce and Jay-Z.

Pastor Jennings said he was questioned if he would let his daughters look at Beyonce. His reply was, "Who is Beyonce to go look at? I mean, you act like she fell from heaven." Um...didn't she? 🥴

He continued to say, "Beyonce ain't nobody to go look at. If Jay-Z don't mind his wife walking on a stage buck naked, then that is foolish on Jay-Z's part. My wife, my children, don't need Beyonce as an example. I believe my wife, which is their mother, will do just fine."

Well, there you go...LOL.


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