While the murder of George Floyd was the spark that lit these 50 state protests, these Uprisings are not just about that singular death. Cops murder Black women too, and many families are still waiting for arrests, unlike in the Floyd incident. This is why we #SayHerName: Breonna Taylor, Atatiana Jefferson, Sandra Bland, Yvette Smith, Shelly Frey, Rekia Boyd, and many more.

Just like with Black men, cops physically assault Black women. When a physical assault of a Black woman/girl is caught on video, it does not receive the same outrage as with Black men, but we must #SayHerName: Rose Campbell, Dajerria Becton, Eursala Ore, and many more.

Finally, there is often an overlooked component of police brutality, which is sexual assault. It was just five years ago when former Oklahoma police officer, Daniel Holtzclaw, was convicted on 18 out of 36 charges

of rape, sexual battery, forcible oral sodomy, and other charges. Prosecutors said that Holtzclaw PREYED ON BLACK WOMEN AND GIRLS FROM LOW-INCOME NEIGHBORHOODS WHILE ON DUTY. Many of these survivors did not report the assaults because they did not believe they would get justice. One woman said, "I did not think anyone would believe me. I'm a Black female." There were Thirteen brave survivors (12 women and 1 girl) who dared to come forward. Holtzclaw's conviction did not stop predator cops; it just brought to light another problem with law enforcement. We must #SayHerName: Sharday Hill, Audrey Smith, Jannie Ligons, and many more.

Police brutality is unisex.


When Black people protest, Black women show up and have the scars to prove it. This is why I don't shame anyone who supports the movement, but who doesn't feel comfortable protesting. If you go out to protest, you have to know you are signing up to possibly be injured or worse.


On Tuesday night, Iyanna Dior, a trans woman, was attacked by a group of men in a Minneapolis store. I saw the video last night, and I have been debating about posting it. I am still in shock that so many men would be on this busllsh*t, and there was not one voice of reason. I have decided to post the video because I don't want y'all to easily dismiss what happened. I stress


Iyanna is recovering beautifully.

Not aware if Iyanna involved law enforcement.

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