Producer TreTrax Gives Mulatto A Gift Fit For The Queen Of Da Souf

Producer TreTrax, the man behind Mulatto and Saucy Santana's music, gifted Mulatto with a framed copy of the tweet Nicki Minaj sent to her. Nicki tweeted, "My baby Big Latto sending all that love right back. She's Dope." Mulatto has made it no secret that she grew up loving Nicki Minaj. So when Nicki acknowledged her, it really meant a lot. She even changed her Twitter header to the tweet.

TreTrax blew up the tweet, framed it in black, and even wrapped it up like a blind man, LOL. Now, this is a gift worth posting about because of the sentimental value behind it. Tre taking the time to do this for her just shows what a cool guy he is.

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