Quavo's Sister Says Saweetie In Real Life "Ain't Good At All" (Saweetie's Auntie Whit Responds)

UPDATED: 3/20 at 10:04 AM PST

Auntie Whitney decided to "This You" Quavo's sister🥴

Quavo's sister decided she has time today and responded by admitting she was being fake to Saweetie and claims nobody...Oops I mean "Know body" likes. Is this really Cardi B?

Quavo's sister, Kashara, apparently thought we were waiting on her to break her silence before posting, "I have been quiet long enough...I see how this turning to a bash fest towards my brother, and that ain't about to happen at all. None of y'all know how Saweetie is in real life, but I do, and it ain't good at all..."

She better pray that Quavo and Saweetie don't get back together because Saweetie and her family will never forget what she just publicly posted.

To dig her hole a Lil deeper, she added, "I only post REAL SHIT!"

Did she help in y'all opinions?

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