Nicki Minaj returned with her successful Apple Music radio show, Queen Radio today. Same name, new attitude. We love to see it.

I really don't have a deep dive about the show, since it just went off less than an hour ago. So, I will tell y'all my hightlights.


Nicki Minaj being open about weight loss. I loved how she spoke about it being more mental for her, but she pushed through it. I felt many women could relate to that. I love that she is sharing her journey. I died when she said she did not have lipo because she just did not have time. You know how everyone thinks Nicki just runs to the doctor when she wants something fixed.

By the way, she looks AH-MAZING!

She spoke about Kendrick.....nuff said.

50 Cent and Maliibu Miitch as guests. All the guests were great, but I am highlighting 50 Cent because he is a legend from Nicki's neighborhood. It was interesting to see that 50 and Nicki really did not know each other and his support is off the strength of being from Queens.

Maliibu Miitch is a highlight because she is one of the new girls in the game. She came through and outshined the boys in the cypher. I am so proud of her. I did not know Maliibu was a shy rapper.

I loved that Maliibu spoke about her problems with management, etc. How female rappers get labeled when things go wrong. This is the type of discussion I think Queen Radio should have more of. I loved how Nicki referred to herself as Maliibu's big sis. I may have teared up. #GateKeeperTingz

Giving the "Cocksucker Award" to the people waiting for the "Cocksucker Award". We all know who the cocksucker is and his career will continue to show it.

Nicki showing she was not going to punch down anymore, probably made a lot of men/bloggers mad. Like I said at the beginning, "Same name, new attitude"

What are your highlights?


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