Jemele Hill interviewed Rapsody on her Unbothered podcast. They spoke about how the media/fans compare female rappers and how they put Rapsody on a pedestal in order to down other female rappers.

I spoke about female rappers being allowed to exist in their own lanes on "Female Rap Will Not Survive With One Queen". Comparison is not really the problem when it comes to female rap because

that is what the genre is built around; comparing rhymes, flows, style, etc. The problem is that with women, others don't compare as much as eliminate. If you are not the BEST in female rap then you don't exist.

I like that Rapsody is self-aware enough to know that she is being used as a weapon against other female rappers. Guys love giving certain women props on Twitter, but often that is as far as it goes. That is because they are not really giving props, they are really trying to diss another female rapper.

You can listen to the full interview on Spotify.

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