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Remy Ma Denies Shooting Friend On Wendy Williams Show


Remy Ma appeared on The Wendy Williams Show to promote her upcoming episode of Uncensored on TV One. Wendy, being Wendy, asked Remy Ma about her 2008 conviction for shooting her "friend" over $3,000.

Remy Ma wearing a black robe, not a black funeral dress this time, told Wendy, "Did not know this girl, wasn't my best friend. All of these things that were said all of these years were not true. But once you're in prison, no one cares, and once you come home...I'm not going to spend the rest of my life trying to prove to people, I didn't know this person. I found out her last name when y'all found out."

Wendy followed-up on Remy's response by asking was there a reason she shot the victim. Remy Ma, who I always felt played on the image of being a shooter, denied shooting anyone. She told Wendy, "I did not shoot anybody," and went on to say that the job of the court is to convict.

I am not familiar with the details of Remy Ma's case, but in a 2014 Rolling Stone's story, they claim that

Remy Ma said the shooting was accidental. So, I do not know if Remy is just making a distinction between shooting someone intentionally vs. an accident.

Remy Ma's statement may come as a shock to some people, but this is not the first time Remy has denied being friends with the victim, Makeba Barnes Joseph. In a 2010 prison interview with Street Heat, Remy said she was someone she met from someone else she met.

I know Remy was probably pissed she is still answering questions about that shooting.


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Apr 02, 2021

She probably wants to get that off of her name because the GP will say she’s too old to talk about being a goon and shooting. So she’s trying to push the ”real mothers don’t twerk” brand before she drops her new music, maybe.

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