Remy Ma is due to get off parole in 13 days and she decided to drop a questionable "Old Town Road" remix called "Off Parole". In her version of OTR, Remy talks about all the stuff that might get her right back on parole. The chorus is, "I just can't wait to get off parole/I'm gonna ride on y'all fake ass hoes". Some people think she is still taking shots at Nicki Minaj, who she has been obsessed with for years. While others think she is going at another Queens rapper, Brittney Taylor.

Brittney Taylor is currently suing Remy Ma for allegedly assaulting her a few months ago. I wonder if this remix can be used in Brittany's case?

"I got the draco in my lap/it "Bra-Ta-ached" extended clip that's black/lay you bitches on your backkkk"

Let me know what you think about this remix.


This remix is a perfect example as to why I was so against the Hip Hop media equating Cardi B talking on IG Live about committing a crime to a rapper saying something in a song. Remy Ma is accused of assaulting someone. Now here she goes talking about assaulting someone and having guns in this song. Should this song be allowed to be used in the pending case against her?

I believe rap music is an art form. Like any art form, it can be based on fact or fiction. Rapper should be able to tell a story without it being used against them in court cases. If this does come back to bite Remy Ma in the ass, I want all those publications/blogs who tried selling rappers down the river in order to protect whatever relationship they have with Cardi B, to keep the same energy.

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