Remy "In Nicki's Defense" Ma has recently been making headlines over an IG Live she did with Fat Joe. On

the Instagram Live, she spoke about how Shether opening doors for female rappers, defended Nicki Minaj, and allegedly shaded Cardi B. But, what got overlooked was that Remy Ma said her album was finished.

Tonight, producer Hitmaka was on Instagram Live playing new music that features his artist singer/songwriter Rahky. One of the tracks he played was new music by Remy "I Opened Doors" Ma. This song may appear on her upcoming album.

The song samples Jay-Z's "Song Cry," which Drake recently sampled on one of his "loosie" tracks "When To Say When." I wonder if Remy will get praised for showing homage to Jay-Z the same the media drooled over Drake's forgettable track?

Take a listen below.


I feel like Remy Ma is an acquired taste, and I don't have it. I think you have to be from New York or surrounding areas to like her style of rap. I personally cannot stand the way Remy Ma raps. She always sounds like she just burnt her tongue before recording. Her cadence, her flow, is a struggle for me to enjoy. I also hate how she sounds like she is beef'n with the beat.

What makes it worse is when she tries these more feminine pretty-bitch type raps. It's cringeworthy. By choosing to sample "Song Cry," I think she is foreshadowing what she will be doing if she picks this as her first single. Whoever keeps telling Remy that this is her lane is probably the same person who keeps showing her text messages to get her to go on suicide missions.


I see Remy Ma as the female version of a Benny The Butcher or Conway. They are having success, and if

Remy Ma did more of that type of rap, she might find some success if she markets herself correctly. In today's music climate, fans buy the artist, not music.

Remy Ma can't try to compete in that Nicki Minaj/Megan Thee Stallion, "spit hard but I'm feminine" pretty-bitch lane because when she speaks she is one of the guys. With all the shots she loves taking at other females and some of her controversial comments on rape, she needs to make IDGAF/Fight music.

For example, Asian Doll is a pretty girl who is known for fighting. So when she makes aggressive music, we have no problem accepting that because that is what she gives us online too. Remy Ma wants to be Mrs. McGruffy-Gruff-Gruff online, but rapping about,

"Nice skin, nice swag

Make me want to fck him on the first night and I did

That's where I fck'd up, big d*ck, big buck

I remember thinking damn Rem you really luck'd up"

WTF??? Who is this scallywag?

First off, it sounds like a kiddie song. But, most notably, this is not Remy Ma. This is why that song she did with A-Boogie, Company, did poorly because no one wanted to hear Remy Ma rapping about "I just want some sloppy, every couple days I want the D." Set my ears on fire, please.

Remy Ma would be better off wearing a rainbow wig and rapping "blicky got the stiffy, uh" because that is closer to her lane than the lane she sadly is trying to fit in.


From Shether to this pretty-bitch music, we can see the ways that Remy Ma has compromised herself for what? We can't say success because she hasn't been successful. This is why she is so bitter and trying to start a narrative that "Shether" opened doors for other female rappers. No male rappers in their right mind would say, "I dissed Drake to open the door for other male rappers." Are you dumb?

Nicki Minaj said it best...

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