Renni Rucci Responds To Big Latto's Alleged Diss By Dropping Her Own "Beatbox Freestyle"

Updated: Mar 14

UPDATED: Mar. 13th at 5:31 PM PST

LilyThurs called it...🤷🏽‍♀️

Who knew that when Big Latto, AKA Mulatto dropped her FIYAH "Beatbox Freestyle" there would so much push back coming FROM OTHER RAPPERS. We are used to fans instigating about who rappers are or are not talking about in their rhymes, but girls seem to have taken Mulatto's name change to Big Latto and her saying, "Ain't nothing big about y'all hoes, so if the bitch name ain't Latto, don't put "Big" in front of it" personal. If rappers can't pop their shit in a Freestyle, then where can they?

Rappers like Renni Rucci, Big Dreezy, Erica Banks, Enchanting (who denied it), and others have all been accused of taking issue with Big Latto's freestyle. Some have denied the accusation.

New York rapper, Maliibu Miitch, took to Twitter to call out those who think Renni Rucci and Dreezy are simply "clout chasing."

Maliibu Miitch speaks out on Big Latto Beatbox Freestyle


Renni Rucci, instead of trying to explain herself on social media, took it to the booth to air out her grieves. Renni raps, "Goddamn! Alyssa, you look like Renni in all your pictures / how you take a whole bitch style, turn around, and try to diss her? / Told Rocket ice me out, Big Renni pimp it like a blizzard / When he asked you what you want, I know you showed him all my pictures."

So, this "beef" appears to be over who had what look first. Renni is Lil Kim, and Big Latto is Nicki Minaj. Let's just hope their beef does not last as long🥴.

Renni can rap, and hopefully, she can parlay this new attention into something more. She is down with QC/Wolfpack, so they know about marketing (minus that song cover).

What's funny is if Renni's issue is over looks and sound, then what the hell is Dreezy upset over cause it can't be the same thing. All I know is if Dreezy takes it to the booth, Big Latto has to respond.

What are y'all thoughts on this?

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