Renni Rucci Speaks Fake Female Rap Unity and Not Signing With Kanye's Good Music on Lip Service

Renni Rucci, who is signed to Quality Control's subsidiary label Wolf Pack Global Music, was on Angela Yee's Lip Service. She spoke about her "toxic" relationship with her man and her music career.

In the clips below she speaks on fake unity within female rap and not signing with Kanye's Good Music.

Renni was speaking facts. This whole "female unity" is not working because it's FORCED friendships by STANs and a media that used it to shun another rapper. You can't have real unity when the foundation is so flawed. The girls left to themselves, I think would do OK, but they aren't left alone.

Like I said before, female rappers should not be required to like every other female rapper or risk being labeled "anti-women." Some personalities are not going to mesh, which is not a big deal; that is life. Not everything is beef. One girl may like writing raps, while one prefers to recite raps, etc.

The minute STANs or blogs sniff out that girls don't like each other, it has to be an all-out beef. If you noticed that in these girls' IG Lives, there are always STANs in there asking if someone likes their fave or begging for a collab. It's all a setup. The minute the girl doesn't respond or doesn't respond the way they wanted, here come the lies.

Speaking of STANs, she said the same shit I have been preaching. Female rappers ignoring their STANs harassing other female rappers can only lead to tension because these women know damn well what their STANs are doing. The "see no evil, hear no evil" act ain't fooling anyone...pfffttt.

I hope what Renni Rucci said spreads, and the girls become more active in squashing any beefs being instigated by their STANs.

Renni Rucci mentioning Teyana Taylor's situation...YIKES! How the hell GOOD Music become the label no one wants to be with?

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