Here is some social media chatter you may have missed Friday.

Tonight @OfficialHanifa debuted the Pink Label Congo Collection on IG Live. This is CREATIVITY, this is what a BLACK WOMAN can do!


Le coeur de l'Afrique | The Heart of Africa

Riddled with a painful history, the beauty of Congo is often untapped and overlooked. The gentleness, beauty,

history, poise, majesty, strength, power, and hope of the Congolese spirit inspired this collection. When creating each piece, I was reminded of the stories my mother told me of the women she knew back home in Congo. Women who suffered great loss but still, mustered every ounce of strength everyday to show up. My hope is that this collection inspires all women to stand tall in their power and like the Democratic Republic of Congo, to use their history, whether pretty or painful — to redesign their future. My country, the land of Congo, is ripe with an abundance of natural resources — the greatest of which are its people — its women.

     Hanifa presents.... Pink Label Congo.

Doja, Doja, Doja...that's it!

Like clockwork, something is dug up or purposely leaked in an attempt to get a female rapper canceled after she has a huge success. This is Megan Mugshot-gate, and Lizzo Nude Photo-gate all over again.

Doja Cat allegedly likes chatting with racists, may have dropped a song making fun of police brutality

against Blacks, and may not want to be considered Black. Now, this story is still developing and I would not be surprised if a certain STAN-base is behind all these narratives. The video being shown has Doja Cat and another Black guy talking to a group of white guys. So, I am going to wait for a response from Doja Cat and for more information before addressing the actual allegations. However...

I would not be surprised if due to her feeling abandoned by her Black father if she has some resentments. Now that does not excuse her behavior...IF TRUE, but she would not be the first biracial kid to lash out against her own. Secondly, I find her personality to be very troll-ish and annoying. I could see her sitting in chats with racists and trolling her little heart out. She likes being controversial and seeks attention IMO.


Two years ago Twitter dug up a 2015 Tweet where Doja Cat called Tyler The Creator and Earl Sweatshirt "fa**ots." When asked to apologize, she defended her use of the word by saying it over and over again. I think she eventually gave an apology, but what was it worth by that time. So, people who are familiar with Doja Cat, know her as being problematic and a rebel without a cause.

Ole Girl got her tattoo finished and a new purse...

Maliibu Miiich announced on Twitter she is "finally free" and has already signed a new deal. All of this after dropping a new song titled, "Double O". Ya'll go stream and buy her song. One of the Princesses of Rap making noise in 2020.


The legend, the icon, the one who paved the way...turns 50 today.

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