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Mulatto dropped the video for the "Bitch From Da Souf" Remix featuring Saweetie and Trina.

Mulatto appears to be getting the push she has been looking for since she won Jermaine Dupri's "Rap Game." As we know, she passed on the contract offered the winner and decided to bet on herself. Well, yesterday she signed with RCA, and now she has this video release.

It's interesting that Saweetie, a Cali girl, is on this track. She's not even from Southern California...LOL!

"I throw that ass back to see if he gon' catch it (I throw it)

I ain't athletic, but it's tennis for the necklace, yeah (Ice, ice)"


Singing angels, Chloe X Halle previewed a new song titled, "Do It," which is co-written by

Ariana Grande's bestie, Victoria Monet. I likey! I love them "Grown-ish," but I would love to hear more new music after this snippet.

Their new album, Ungodly Hour, is coming late May to early June. Y'all interested?


Ole Girl went and got herself a mask so that she could record this moonwalking video. I can't with

the dramatics. I guess she doesn't want any smoke with Idris Elba. Now, she says that the coronavirus is real, but that regular working people are not getting the same testing privileges as celebrities (I paraphrased). I agree with that. I tweeted that everyone should be able to have a peace of mind or whatever Meek said. However, she accused celebrities of being paid to LIE to the public so that she can go viral. That's clown sh*t.

Now, Pippi Wrongstocking needs to wear that mask forever and ever. Paid for a new face and still look a mess.

Speaking of the coronavirus, rapper Slim Thug announced he has tested positive for the virus.

He says he was being careful and still got it. Well, with all the silly talk going around, some people did not believe him, so he later posted a video of him at the doctor's office getting checked for the virus.

Anderson Paak posted a self-drawing of him loving himself...Awwww!


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