RIAA in a sad attempt of pandering to Black artists created this flyer celebrating Black History Month. The problem is that they included an imposter. Why is Ole Girl's name on this?

I understand the Latinos don't want her ass, but she will not become the burden of Black folks. She is not Black, she is not biracial. She is Rachel Dolezal.

What is the difference between J.Lo, Ole Girl, and Kim Kardashian? All have tans (as if that is the determining factor of being Black) and all like Black culture/men. The only difference is that two of them are not dumb enough to lie. It takes a lot of self hate to deny who you are. Ole Girl is very Stacey Dash.

Also, equating being "ghetto" or "hood" as "Blackness" is "Ignorant". There are plenty of Blacks who grew up middle-class or higher, and that does not subtract from their Blackness. Just like growing up in the hood and misspelling words on Twitter does not make you Black.

Black History Month always comes with some bullsh*t.



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