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Rico Nasty Talks New Album, Personas, And Women Empowerment In NME


In another episode of the only thing surviving and striving in 2020 is female rap....enters Rico Nasty!

Rico Nasty is the cover girl on the latest issue of NME Magazine, and her photos are 🔥. Quick side note, I wish the girls would take more pictures like the one above. The "I'm so pretty" photos that most girls are taking are getting boring and starting to look like the photos I have already seen from another female rapper. Now that so many girls are coming up, you need to stand out. Be interestingly-pretty over just pretty.

<Jumps off stoop>



In the article, Rico Nasty, who has a new deal with Atlantic Records, speaks on her debut album dropping this month, "Nightmare Vacation." She is quoted as saying the new music is "sugar trap on steroids." Rico Nasty, who admits to not knowing where she fits in the music world, says she doesn't resonate with punk stars because she isn't that hardcore. She likes bubbles. Her new album will represent her being a pop-punk princess.

“My personas are inspired by three people: David Bowie; Tyler, the Creator; and Nicki Minaj”

Rico Nasty, who is one of the rappers who use different personas to channel their music through, credits David Bowie, Tyler, the Creator, and Nicki Minaj with being the inspirations behind her musical alter-egos. Well, maybe not Nicki Minaj, Rico Nasty is a fan of Roman. She calls Roman "hard." She is quoted as saying:

"I really fucked with how she was the first to give her different personality a different sex. Like, Roman was a guy and he was always trapped inside of her, and I feel like that’s why she was able to bar up with guys.”


When the writer tried to lay it on thick about WAP's impact, which I don't get why it's mentioned in this article, Rico Nasty offered a reality check:

"But Rico doesn’t think that Bronx-born Cardi should get all the credit: “She’s a mirror of what’s happening. The underground females have always done songs together.” Indeed, Rico featured on Doja Cat’s menacing 2018 track ‘Tia Tamera’ before they both properly blew up. “We’re [all] pretty cool with each other, minus the typical static when someone sounds like you or shit like, ‘Oh, I don’t like that bitch’. That’s going to happen.”


Quick side-note #2: I would like to add that Cardi B is in no way the leader of any "women empowerment" or "female unity" in Hip Hop. We had Hot Girl Summer, Say So Remix, and Savage Remix topping the charts without money giveaways before Cardi B hopped on the trend. It was apparent people were over the beef she instigated to get her career popping. Also, if anyone is to be given credit, wouldn't that be Megan Thee Stallion? She has done a lot of collabs with women rappers, for someone so early in her career. She also was the one who refused to be baited into beef, while others gladly participated. Megan was the one who had stories written about how she is the rapper who will bring the girls together; how Megan's narrative was given to Cardi B is beyond me.


Y'all make sure the read the full article where she talks about a lot more.


Also, Rico Nasty has teamed up with IL Makiage for a makeup collection. It looks like everything is going AH-MAZING!


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