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New Kendrick Lamar And SZA Music Coming?


Billboard reports that TDE's Kendrick Lamar and SZA will drop new music soon.

According to the report, Kendrick Lamar will drop a new single on Feb 4th or Feb 11th in time for his Super Bowl halftime performance on Feb 13th. If this rumor is true, it will make my Black History month.

Also, per Billboard, SZA's sophomore album is expected to drop in Q2. With the unexpected success of "I Hate U," I would think that would give her the confidence to trust in herself more. We all know that SZA plays hokey pokey when it comes to releasing music.


Are y'all excited?


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Have you heard that Eminem and Megan have a song coming out? I really think this might be true because she Would be the person the need on the halftime show lineup to get the younger generation engaged. also, if you have noticed He made a ”bod-ody” reference in his most recent feature & Megan named dropped slim shady in on her song with Lil Nas. another thing that leads me to believe this is that Roc Nation has major ties to the nfl & the super bowl.

Fck Yaya
Fck Yaya
Jan 30, 2022
Replying to

Well, Jay-Z is over all the Super Bowl halftime shows, so he did put this together.

The EM and Megan theory is interesting. I will keep an eye out for any rumors of her performing.

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