I am so sick of this fake ass "Black on Black Crime" rhetoric that is continuously used, not just by whites, but Blacks have been fooled into using the same verbiage.

First off, most CRIME is INTRARACIAL. Intraracial means within the same race. So if most crime is INTRARACIAL, why isn't WHITE on WHITE crime a topic? It's because the "Black on Black Crime" narrative is propaganda. Many of us do most of our socializing among our own race. The only time we really socialize outside of our race is at work. So, interracial crime is high for all races/ethnicities.

Do you know what else is high? Black on Black laughing, Black on Black Love(well at least by Black women), Black on Black whatever.


Since people love to justify the killing of Blacks because of "Black on Black Crime," let's look at murder stats.

2018 UCR FBI Murder Stats:

White on White Murder is: 81%

Black on Black Murder is: 89%

So a fck'n 8% difference is what gets these racist's tails waggin and pussies poppin? This is why I don't even pay attention to these fools. But, when I see Black people repeating the B.S.....whew, chile!

81% of white people are killed by other white people, but they are worried about lecturing Black Lives Matter...

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