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Salt-N-Pepa Biopic Drops On Lifetime Tonight And Spinderella Feels Disempowered


Yesterday I tweeted about the Salt-N-Pepa's biopic after noticing that no one was talking about it. Well, apparently, someone was talking about the biopic; I just missed it. Former Salt-N-Pepa DJ, Spinderella AKA the "N" in Salt-N-Pepa, tweeted that she had to speak on the Lifetime special.

To no surprise to me, she does not support this movie. She accuses the group of "disempowering" her by excluding her from every aspect of development and production. She finishes her grievances by reminding everyone that she is in the final stages of writing her memoir.

I am not here to dismiss Spin's feelings or the role she played in the group's success, but why she thought she would be included in this biopic is beyond me. It seems like she has been hostile towards Salt and Pepa for years, to the point I find it hard to believe they were ever a group.

In 2019, Spinderella, real name Deidra Roper, filed a lawsuit against Salt and Pepa that included trademark infringement. Spin wanted the women to discontinue using her name and image while promoting events. In court documents, Salt-N-Pepa responded by saying they would "gladly not make any reference to Spinderella in connection to any promotion and make good faith for others to honor the same - as they have done since they asked Spindereela to leave the group. They expect Spinderella to do the same." Salt-N-Pepa also claimed that Spin was starting a "smear campaign" against them.

It was at the request of Spin the lawsuit was dismissed with prejudice. Did she forget all of this before tweeting?

I do not see why Salt-N-Pepa would attempt to work on this biopic with someone who, in their opinion, is trying to tarnish their brand all because she wants money not owed her. Why would they not limit how much Spin is shown in this movie after saying that is what they would do in the now-dismissed court papers. Granted, the court papers addressed promo events, but I am sure the group does not want any more problems with Spin. If Spin were involved, this biopic probably would not have gotten done.

The good news for Spinderella is that it's on Lifetime, which means there is a high probability that it will not be good. Also, fans want a look-alike contest over good acting. Many don't understand that the actors do not have to look exactly like the person they are portraying. It's about picking up the personality and that unique quality that made that person a star.

The bad news for Spin is that Queen Latifah is one of the executive producers of the movie, and she knows her way around film and TV.


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