Is Saucy Santana Too Flamboyant For The Billboard Hot 100 Charts?

Saucy Santana tweeted, "Bitch! TIK TOK is running the charts right now! Yall stop the cap! Everybody who song blew up on Tik Tok hit billboard! Except me! (Black flamboyant gay male)." Santana is shaking the table, and I love it.

Last week, while everyone was trying to prove to the world that they support openly gay artists by riding for Lil Nas X and his bloody shoes (literally), I wondered if Hip Hop would support an artist like Saucy Santana. One who does not straddle the bisexual fence. An artist who is unapologetically gay from the start.

Saucy Santana's viral song, "Walk," has all the elements of a single that usually starts to get a push that leads to being on playlists, radio, and then an entry on Billboard or RS charts. I would argue that "Walk" was a bigger TikTok song than Erica Bank's "Buss It," which to be fair, didn't make Billboard Hot 100 until she signed to a major label.

I am not sure of Santana's label situation. Him not being with a major or at least on an indie label with a distribution deal could be a significant factor in "Walk" being the most mainstream underground song of the year.

Putting label talk to the side, someone suggested that like with female rap, only one can reign.

Do y'all think an industry that is so welcoming to Lil Nas X will be as supportive to a flamboyant gay rapper like Saucy Santana? Also, where is that "gay agenda" when you need it?

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