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Saucy Santana Shows The Girls How To "Walk" Into 2021


Saucy Santana and his purse showed the gworls how to "Walk" into 2021 last night. Performing his viral hit song, "Walk," off his second project, "It's A Vibe," Santana put on a show for New Year's Eve.

Once that beat dropped, and Santana raps his catchy hook, "Yea hoe, yea I know that you can talk, you talk'n all the shit, but let me see if you can walk," you know the crowd belongs to him.

The infectious song has taken over social media and inspired the TikTok "Walk"challenge that has celebrities and social media influences all walking. Did Santana unintentionally find a way for people to lose weight while having fun too?

Below is Saucy Santana shaking what his mama gave him to his song "Up & Down" feat. Mulatto, which is off his last project "Pretty Little Gangsta."


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Jan 01, 2021

Santana seems like he's a good time. I bet there's never a dull moment with him.

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