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Saweetie And Lil Baby Romance Rumors Heat Up, But Is This Real Romance Or A Rollout?


The Saweetie and Lil Baby romance rumors went up a notch last night after Saweetie did a photo dump and just so happened to post a photo of her straddling some nigga. It did not take long for the internet sleuths to find a photo of Lil Baby wearing the same shoes and pants.

It also did not take long for Quavo to post, "Ain't Trippin We Can Swap It Out!" It looks like he got swapped out, LOL.



We know that Lil Baby and the Migos don't get along. Remember, Lil Baby's crew got into with Offset over not paying his gambling debt. Also, there were rumors of the Migos trying to leave QC because Lil Baby is now the star on the label. So, this ain't no homie situation.

Also, I feel like this is a PR/Promo move by Saweetie and Lil Baby's team. They may have a collab dropping soon. Remember Yung Miami did something similar for her single, "Rap Freaks."

I say that because Saweetie was doing interviews and tweeting about wanting a baby, then Hollywood Unlocked broke the story and was the only one with info on their relationship. I question any story where HU is the primary source. Then it was Saweetie who did the photo dump that led to what is going on now. It doesn't seem like she is really trying to hide a relationship. Latto is hiding her relationship; Saweetie wants us to talk specifically about her and Lil Baby. Plus, I just don't see them together, LOL.

I could be wrong, but I am suspicious.


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Nov 30, 2021

Def a rollout

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