Saweetie is the cover star for the July/August issue for Maxim Magazine. She is out here making HERstory by being the first rapper to grace a Maxim cover. Saweetie says, "I'm extremely honored to be part of such an iconic moment in the history of Maxim cover stars."

In this issue, Diamonte Qiava Valentin Harper shared how growing up in Sacramento and the Bay Area as

a mixed child was dope for her. She said, "All my Filipino girls love me being Filipino, and all my Black girls love me being a Black girl." While attending high school, she played indoor volleyball and ran track. Besides being the first rapper on a Maxim cover, Saweetie is also the first in her family to attend college. She attended USC, where she majored in Business Communication.

Saweetie is now focused on her music and her new album called "Pretty Bitch Music." She is the executive producer on her upcoming project and calls her music "empowering." Producers helping her find her sound include Dr. Luke, J. White, Timbaland, and others. When asked to describe "Pretty Bitch Music," when it comes to the word "pretty," she wants to change the meaning because she grew up in a house of women of all shapes and sizes. B.I.T.C.H. stands for Boss, Independent, Tough, Creative, and Hyphy.

Y'all excited about Saweetie's new album?

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