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Saweetie Delivers On Little Mix's "Confetti"





Saweetie shows up and shows out on Little Mix's "Confetti." While people love telling the Black girls, who chart, what they don't like about them, a cat snatches their tongues when the girls deliver on a track.

This is why you probably won't hear much talk about Saweetie's feature on Little Mix's "Confetti." Saweetie is proving she is one of the rap girls who may build a solid fanbase in both Rap and Pop. She fits effortlessly on this track, which I must admit I like.

Give me a female rapper that knows what she is good at and works the shit out of it versus that rap chick who is poorly imitating different aspects of other female rappers any day. Saweetie did what many rappers are failing to do; she made an already good song better. Her rap, delivery, and attitude fit the track. Now, this may not be "hard" enough for rap fans, but this is a Pop track and the assignment was not to be hard. The assignment for rappers on Pop tracks is to make raps that casual rap fans would want to recite and caption on social media. Saweetie gets an A on her assignment.

Y'all go stream!



So my girl hit me up about a fuck-boy dude

I said hold on, hold on, what he said he did to you?

Caught him sending dick pics and a couple of nudes

Shit, we could chop it off and I'ma body this dude

I don't play that shit (No, no), beat his ass up (Trauma)

Ride or die, uh, nigga, I’m a Yoko Ono (Ono)

I'm an icy bitch, you gonna miss these lips

Now I'ma have to slap yours or might also rise your tips

I'm a Cancer baby, but I got Scorpio ways

Credit high, I'm on my cards, top one is my face

Get a pedi' in my Tesi', yeah, there's plenty of space

New it girl on the block, they all copy and paste

You give me the chance, I'ma give it to your homie

Butt on paddy, so promiscuous, you ain't gettin' this


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