Saweetie Drops Music Video For Loui's "Talkin Bout" (Pretty Summer Playlist)

Saweetie dropped a music for the song, "Talkin Bout" off her Pretty Summer Playlist. The track is by Loui featuring her. This is another good performance by Saweetie after her feature on Little Mix's "Confetti."

Saweetie Verse

I'll make a nigga heart stop

Big titties in my crop-top

Blew the brains in the Bentley (Yeah)

He pullin' up for that slop top (He is)

Might do it with the Pop Rocks

Toes curl, he pop lock

Milly racks in the lock box

White toes in my Croc-Crocs (Ayy), let's get it

Bad lil' bitch from the Westside, ooh (Mhm)

Pretty and she rap like Left Eye

If Saweetie on the bill, then the check right

Bitch, you sleepin' on me? It's bedtime

Show my booty and thong on FaceTime

Abs on period, pooh, no waistline, hmm

Saweetie that pretty in real life

Runnin' through Louis like daddy, it's playtime

Full Video

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