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Saweetie Has A New Best Friend


Saweetie AKA Content Queen has hooked up with a reality TV Icon🤭


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Feb 20, 2021

I just commented on a YouTube that talked about why they thought certain female rappers haven’t popped yet. (They didn’t mention Saweetie) but I used Saweetie as a comparison to branding. Some new girls are not branding themselves well or the drama outshines the music. I like how Saweetie isn’t the best rapper but she is Taking the time to make sure we get to know the Saweetie she is branding. Because of that, I am interested in hearing what her album sounds like. I haven’t listened to best friend more than once, & I have never streamed back to the streets, but I enjoy it when it comes on the radio. I have bought into her brand, so s…

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