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Saweetie Making Musical Debut On Saturday Night Live This Month

Saweetie To Make Her Saturday Night Live Debut On Nov. 20th.


Branding Queen, Saweetie will be making her musical debut on Saturday Night Live on Nov. 20th. So this means two things:

  • Definitely getting an album in 2022

  • The lead single is coming sooner rather than later

It seems like all the girls are in rollout mode, and I am glad to see Saweetie is one of them. People love to play Saweetie as if she does not have any hit songs when her music does better than most. Her only issue has been the performances. I am not even going to lie; the boot camps don't seem to be helping. But, I am rooting for the Icy Princess. I hope she shuts all those haters up when she hits that SNL stage (looking at you, Akademiks). I gotta support the Cali girls.

Do y'all think performances will still be an issue for Saweetie? Do you think she has another hit coming?


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