Saweetie Plays Nice With The Paparazzi and Shows Why Her Marketing Game Ain't Like The Rest

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Saweetie, the Marketing Rap Queen, was "caught" shopping in Beverly Hills while wearing a jaw-dropping Black form-fitting jumpsuit. The Scarlet red wig's addition made the look perfect to be photographed by the paparazzi while shopping for lingerie.

These photos reaffirm Saweetie is a marketing genius.

Since Saweetie is not messy or hated by STANs, she does not get as much coverage by the messy blogs as the other girls. However, that does not mean Saweetie is not using her smarts to be seen by those outside her fanbase.

Saweetie, who went to college at USC, is familiar with the paparazzi and is using them to her advantage.

There is a reason she is always eating at BOA Steakhouse because she knows that is a paparazzi hot spot.

These photographs were featured in celebrity news tabloids with a positive write-upa rarity for the Black female rappers. Saweetie is making the news without being torn down or attempts to ruin her brand. So, who is really winning when it comes to press?


I am very curious as to what Saweetie has planned to get people excited about her music. We know she has the looks and the content, which allows her to not be ignored. She is in that tier right below Nicki, Megan, and Ole Girl. But, can she find a way, without using fake beef/drama, to get fans exciting about her music? That will be the challenge for her with the upcoming album.

Speaking of the album, the way Saweetie is talking makes me think she pushed her album back to the summertime.

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