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Saweetie Talks Having PTSD After Freestyling On Hot97 For Ebro In Cosmoplitan


Saweetie is a Cosmopolitan Covergirl! I must admit I enjoyed reading this feature story. One thing about Saweetie, you're always going to learn something new no matter how many interviews you read/watch on her. It may have something to do with many of Saweeetie's interviews are conducted by


This article did not touch much on her upcoming album Pretty Bitch Music. It was more about her evolving as an artist. Rawiya Kameir, the writer, touches on the incident that played a significant role in Saweetie pushing herself to be a better rapper.

It was in 2018, which the writer described as an "ambush," on Hot97 when Ebro had Saweetie do a freestyle. Saweetie rapping in a much harder tone than she has now spit, "Hard to gossip when you too busy out being a Queen, gossip'n don't get money, so that ain't in my routine, nigga."

The chuckles and looks from Ebro and his co-host told it all, but it was Ebro's words that gave Saweetie a reality check. Ebro told her, "I just thought the raps were basic, and I think you need to honestly need to get a little sharper on your diction, your clarity, and your content...if you're going to impress me."

Even though it was a fair critique, I think it did not feel like a critique to help her get better due to the laughing and facial expressions. It came off as a way to clown her, and that is precisely what social media did.

Saweetie in cosmo with green pants

She described that time in her life as a "dark point." To make things worse, videos of her early performances, where she was not good, started popping up on social media. Before, she was riding the wave of her popular "Icy Girl" freestyle and getting booked for festivals to now being considered a terrible rapper. Saweetie said she had PTSD from that experience.

However, as we can see, she did not give up. Saweetie said that experience made work on her stage presence. She learned about breath control and how to do choreo while rapping without missing a beat. She has also taken vocal lessons and worked on her songwriting abilities. Saweetie said, "Some of us have it naturally. And some of us don't—like me." She believes as long as she works hard, she will become one of the best.

Another interesting part of this article is the reason behind her name "Diamonte." Saweetie explained most people think that is a man's name, which is why her mama named her that. Since the workforce is sexist, her mama wanted people to believe they were calling a man in for an interview.

saweetie wearing yellow cosmopolitian

All that effort, just for her to be known as Saweetie, LOL.

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