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Did Saweetie Really Turn Down A Reebok Deal To Avoid Being In Cardi B's Shadow?

Saweetie Turned Down A Reebok Deal To Avoid Cardi B's Shadow.


Did Saweetie really turn down a Reebok deal to avoid being in Cardi B’s shadow?

Well...according to a Clubhouse canary, Reebok didn’t just want Belcalis, they wanted to corner the market on female rappers by offering several girls their own sneaker deals, and one of those girls was the Icy Princess herself, Saweetie.

Allegedly six months after Cardi B signed her deal, Saweetie was approached with a Reebok offer but turned it down because she wanted her own thing and did not want to be seen in Cardi B's shadow.

Furthermore, Saweetie allegedly was not the only girl to feel that way, which is why we see Cardi B peddling those Reeboks shoes to a Nike world all by herself.

It's funny because the men on Clubhouse only saw the millions of dollars "lost" and did not understand why the girls would turn down a sneaker contract over possibly being in someone's shadow. After all, the men take those types of deals all the time, and they're not in anyone's shadow.

Cardi B Was Not The Only Female Rapper Reebok Wanted But All Turned Down Deals Including Saweetie.

What the men are missing is that female rappers have to deal with a highly toxic STAN culture and industry that find female rap beefs not only entertaining but lucrative. This is not the 90s, where more than one femcee was celebrated at the same time.

The minute the announcement about Saweetie or any other girl signing with Reebok hit social media, there would have been headlines about girls copying Cardi B or how Belcalis sets trends. Saweetie's shoe deals would have been good press for Cardi B and Cardi B alone.

Rumor Is That Saweetie Turned Down A Reebok Multimillon Dollar Deal To Avoid Being In Cardi B's Shadow.

Also, let's not forget the pages that would keep track of who is selling the most shoes.

Things probably worked out for the best because there is a high possibility that Cardi B would not have been happy to learn that she was part of a posse at Reebok. Even though some people want to position Cardi B as the one who champions other female rappers, for those paying attention, the media always frames it as she is giving other girls opportunities. She is a "gatekeeper," opening the doors for others. It's always from a power position, never just one of the girls. Cardi B probably would have wanted a press release saying she got Saweetie that Reebok deal for her to exist peacefully over there.

If this story is true, I think it shows the girls have no desire to be any rapper's "son" and why we still don't have a posse cut from the new girls.


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Yeah cause any move Megan makes belcalis fanbase swears she's copying like all of megans recent music videos have been compared to wap and none of them look like Wap. When she got her snap snapchat show it was "she's always copying cardi" 🙄 chile.

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