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Shekinah Claims Tameka "Tiny" Harris Told Her What To Say About Sex Trafficking Allegation

Video courtesy of Petty Armani




Shekinah went on Bingo and aired out former friend Tameka "Tiny" Harris for never being a real friend and allowing people to drag her after she defending Tiny & T.I. amid the sex trafficking allegation.

After Sabrina made allegations against the couple for sex trafficking girls, Shekinah took it upon herself, or so we thought to call Sabrina out on social media. Shekinah revealed that not only was Tiny there when she made the video, but she also was telling her what to say. But, when the backlash came, Tiny was no longer by her side.

"You sitting there telling me what to say about a goddamn lady. I don't know nothing about nobody. You sit there, and when the world takes me down, you let me go out with these muthafckaz. You don't even say, hey man, it wasn't Shekinah. Shekinah ain't have shit to do with that shit."

Shekinah admits she doesn't really know Sabrina. Unlike Tiny and others, she had to work because she was not appropriately paid by Tiny to do her hair. She revealed Future paid her better than Tiny ever did.

People are already suggesting Tiny not show up for the Verzuz battle with SWV, she really doesn't need this to be a hot topic.


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May 03, 2021

This is tough. You can’t drag your friends in mess with you all the time. Everyone doesn’t want to be included in lies. 🤷🏽‍♀️ Try to have them lie for you and then don’t clear their name is not a good friend. & the. Prosper look at the friend as someone that betrayed them when it’s not fair to make them be involved.

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