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Simon Faulk put out his final Billboard predictions showing Trollz at the No.1 spot with 415 pts. We all know how Billboard is so anything can still happen. But, let's just go with Trollz debuting at #1. This will be Nicki's first No.1 debut, and I believe she is credited as a lead. She may be the first female rapper to debut at No.1...not sure, so don't hold me to that stat. You would think Nicki's back would hurting from carrying those breasts and 69.

Y'all know I wrote about "momentum" with Nicki, so where does she go from here? Is it time for a solo song or even a song where she is the lead with a feature of her choice?



Last night I decided to listen to Joe's podcast discussing Trollz. I didn't listen to the whole show, but while

scanning through, I heard him talking about Lucian Grainge. He is the CEO of Universal. His son Elliot is the CEO of 10K Projects, the label who gave Tekashi his new deal. Joe has a theory that Nicki did Trollz as a favor to Lucian. I only bring this up because if she did a favor, then that means he owes her.

Now, this is just Joe's theory, and we know he loves running his mouth and throws darts at the wall, but I love the idea of executives owing Nicki. Nicki taking these 69 bullets, they owe her big time. This is one time I hope Joe is right.



I was thinking if Trollz goes No.1, that is a win for all artists. For two BLACKBALLED rappers to get a Hot 100 No. 1 on Billboard, where radio counts a lot, it shows you can be successful and blackballed. This is where streaming is a blessing.

I know Trollz is getting radio play, but I doubt it's getting the same amount of play as other hot songs. Also, people claim Trollz was not put on playlists. So, Trollz is relying on pure sales, streams, and focused fans. Yes, you must work harder if blackballed, but 69 and Nicki show you can still end up on top. You just gotta have all your sh*t organized and ready. Ten years after her debut album and Nicki is still out here, shaking the culture up!


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Jun 22, 2020

Yes heaven Hollywood from the blog ncaseyoudidntknow said a few days ago that he was told that Lucian asked for a favor and that’s how she ended up on the song. She was not going to get involved with him anymore. & yeah she was not on playlist!! It’s crazy how they do her. Only artist with a real fan base can survive a blackballing. Radio shouldn’t be so heavy on the billboard anyways. Shit I think it’s cheating to count these playlist sometimes.


Yess!! I hope too this was a favor, let their asses owe her big time. I know joe is the ultimate talk bullshit nigga, but this could mean something for Nicki. I hope Trollz is actually number 1 it will show that blackballed artists who have their shit together can dominate.


“This Century” not decade but yeah the way the other female rappers like Kim and Missy are paraded in our faces I would of thought one of them would of did that but as always Lauryn is ahead of everyone. Impact still standing


Fck Yaya
Fck Yaya
Jun 21, 2020

@Erica, Ohhh Lauryn. I was thinking if any female rapper accomplished that, it would be L-Boogie. That reminds me, "Def Jam said I'm no Lauryn Hill."


They said she will be the first female rapper to debut this decade with a #1, the last one was Lauryn “Doo Wop”. So definitely still a major milestone seeing as how long ago that was.

It should show artist that you can very well while being blackballed but that can only work if you have a dedicated fanbase AND is organized. Is crazy when you basically become your own Remix so Nicki doing these Alternate Editions not even with no one else but herself has been helping. Helped with Say So and now TROLLZ. Also I was impressed with the Barbz, these website orders they have been getting to it, didn’t even know they had a “Barb Bank”.

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