Should Morgan Wallen Be Removed From Radio And DSP Playlists?

Country Music's current "It Boy" Morgan Wallen is under fire after a video surfaced of him say in the N-word. He is being called out by his peers, blah, blah, blah. This will probably be brushed under a Nashville rug in two days.

What I want to discuss is he is also being removed from playlists. This has been debated before with

artists like 6ix9ine and Tory Lanez. Should artists be blackballed from playlists if they do something the culture/society deems wrong or accused of certain crimes?

I want to know how do ya'll feel about Wallen essentially being blackballed from radio and DSP's playlists. We know that for artists to maintain a song on the charts, they need playlisting. Actions do have consequences..sometimes.

UPDATED 2/3 at 10:08 AM PST

I-Oop...well maybe this won't get swept under a Nashville rug. TMuthafcknZ is reporting that Wallen's record contract is being suspended by his label Big Loud and he is being put back on the shelf. Republic Records, who distributes Wallen's music, agrees with the decision.

What are y'all thoughts?

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