Should Nicki Minaj Hop on Asian Doll's "Nunnadet Sh*t" Track?

Updated: Dec 28, 2020

Looks like Asian Doll wants Nicki Minaj on her latest track "Nunnadet Shit."

Even though I am over the Nicki collabs, especially with men, I always liked the idea of Nicki jumping on a track with Asian Doll. A track this is more of Asian's sound so that Nicki can't "Barbie" her way on it to please her STANbase. None of that "Khloe like Kardashi." It has to be all "Draco got that kick-back, when it kick-back, you can't get yo shit back" or risk being out rapped by Asian Doll.

Asian Doll has been one of the many girls who have shown respect for Nicki Minaj over the years. Let's just hope she doesn't cough the wrong way cause Nicki's STANs will create a narrative no matter how silly it sounds just to isolate Nicki from another female rapper.

"Isolation tactic is to establish an “us vs. the world” mentality in your relationship, insisting that they are the only person who TRULY loves you, and anyone who isn’t a fan of them is the enemy" - Abusive/Toxic Relationship

Video courtesy of Hot New Hip Hop

Update: 12/27 4:43 PM PST

Was Nicki's tweet and delete over Asian Doll???

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