It's a slow news day today, so let me speak on one of my fave topics "NARRATIVES."

Chart Data tweeted, "Trollz posts the biggest fall for a #1 debut in Hot 100 history." Two minutes later, they tweeted the same thing except they included an @ to 69 and Nicki Minaj. They really wanted this to be seen. I want to know who held the record before them??? Is this a new stat Chart Data is keeping track of now or is this a one-time special? This reminds me of when Nicki got a #1 with "Say So" and platforms reported on most BB entries before getting a #1 instead of celebrating the accomplishment. However, a week before, when Kid Cudi got a #1 there was no talk about how long it took him to get a #1. Everyone made a feel-good story out of it. I only am posting this to point out the "narrative" game that many play.

I am highlighting Chart Data because they are supposed to be the boring kid in the corner who just give

the stats. At times, I have noticed where it feels they are trying to get retweets and likes. Haters bring up stats that were never cared about, so what's good, Chart Data. I don't have a problem with them tweeting this type of information, I just wish there was more context considering the type of page they market themselves to be. They did not inform their followers of which artist(s) held the record before 69 and Nicki? It wasn't in the tweet, so I have no clue. In the past, they have alerted their followers of who previously had whatever record. So, I am not asking them to do something they have never done before. When I did a search on Chart Data reporting on the biggest drops, I did not see anything but "Trollz." Maybe I did not scroll down far enough, so if I am wrong, then I apologize.


Let's be honest, no one expected "Trollz" to stay at #1, including 69 and Nicki Minaj. Trollz debuting at #1 was already a miracle. It was a miracle because of two blackballed artists with very little radio play and no major playlist took the top spot on the Hot 100. If you look at the top 10 songs on the current Hot 100, ALL of those songs are on multiple major playlists, which leads to millions of streams.

Here is some data that Chart Data could have been tweeted about last week. On the Billboard Hot 100's Top 40 list, two songs had no major playlist placement on Apple Music. Those songs were Gooba and Trollz. Is this the first time in history that a song with very little radio play or playlist placement debuted at #1. Did Chart Data provide any "history-making" information on the debut, like they are on the drop???

So, while Trollz drop may be "historic," the rise was too.


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