So, I watched the Snoop Dogg infomercial...Oops, I mean his interview on the Red Table Talk. I asked

this on a previous post, what is the purpose of this show? Is this a platform for certain celebs to spin a narrative/damage control? I don't even have a problem if that is the purpose of Red Table Talk. I think Blacks celebrities do need a place they can go to speak their truth when sh*t hits the fan. However, I just found this whole thing's the word I'm looking for...INAUTHENTIC.

Between Willow's constant "Yeaaah" as her sad attempt to be apart of the conversation and Jada Pinkett-Smith's faux concern about the real issue at hand, my eyes almost got stuck at the top of my head with all the eye-rolling I was doing. The fakest part of this interview had to be when Jada got Ayanla and Jemele Hill to do these dumbass videos praising Snoop for apologizing. Propaganda 101. I hope they remember to do all this for Black women. I want to see videos of Black men praising a Black woman when she is in the middle of a public backlash.

There is also drama over Snoop speaking on 2 Pac. I am personally over Jada speaking on 2 Pac.

Snoop and 2 Pac were not that close after their trial. So, I don't expect anything from him when it comes to Tupac. I think it was clown sh*t to try to debate 2 Pac's so-called contradictions in order to make Snoop look good. First off, Tupac's so-called "contradictions" is what made him the realest n*gga in Hip-Hop. He was able to show all the different sides of himself, unlike many rappers who are one-dimensional. So yes he called women bitches and could write songs like "Keep Ya Head Up" and "Brenda's Got a Baby"...and??? The question is can Snoop do that??? I doubt it.

BET interview with Ed Gordon 1994

Did anyone else suffer through this mess?

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