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The Princess of H-Town meets the Queen of H-Town. Megan Thee Stallion finally got to meet Beyonce and Blue Ivy. Megan ended 2019 with Nicki Minaj and brought in the New Year with Beyonce! Now that is some real Hot Girl Sh!t!

If Megan Thee Stallion had gotten a photo with Rihanna at the Diamond Ball, then she would have completed the "Holy Trinity."

Blue Ivy looks like every little Black girl after they get their hair straightened for the first time lol.

Megan really played it cool on Instagram. She just wrote, "Happy 2020 Beyonce." Girl, did Bey make you sign an NDA?


Safaree is going to try to compete with Kendrick, Drake, and Cole for the crown in 2020. Let's all wish upon a star that Safaree's writing has improved.

We all know this n*gga use to snatch rhymes out the garbage. His wife, Erica Mena posted on Instagram, "I've watched my husband literally create his best work. So honored to call him the leader of our kingdom." Safaree named his album "STRAITT" and the jokes write themselves. For his sake, this better not be "Straitt" trash and he better pull better numbers than Lil Kym. Album out Jan. 24th.



There is a saying about stats, "There lies, Damn Lies, and Statistics." This is what runs through my mind when I see Ole girl repost meaningless stats, especially posted

by a site that joined Twitter in 2016. This site probably just wanted a retweet. Anyone who tells you "numbers don't lie" is a lie. We all know that numbers are being manipulated like crazy in the music industry. Cardi B loves reposting stats with misleading jibba jabba raw like shabba words around them. Context matters people.

What exactly was this "2019 Arena Tour?" Does Touring Data mean the festival/One-off shows Cardi B was doing, instead of HEADLINING her own tour the same as female rap artists before her? Last year(2019) Ticket News wrote about Cardi B not doing a headline tour,

"Cardi B fans are itching to see the rap star headline a tour of her own, but the singer explained why that probably won’t happen anytime soon."

Cardi B's "2019 Arena Tour" was serving mixtape tour tease. It was the type of tour up-and-coming female rappers do while promoting their mixtapes. However, since she is a Grammy winner the shows were promoted as something bigger. Cardi B and her team, just want to make it appear she is the "first female rapper" to do anything. The tweet should have said,

"Cardi B's "2019 Arena Tour" became the first time a Grammy winner could not generate enough demand for a headlining tour. So, she was forced to do a mixtape tour."

Let's not forget that the shows were not sold-out and Cardi B canceled some shows due to low ticket sales. I will give her this, she is the first female rapper I have seen perform in a near-empty stadium and when you are about to hit the stage, "fans" throw bottles.

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