Southside Challenges Kodak Black To A Fight After Kodak Mentions Yung Miami On Instagram Live

Southside vs Kodak Black Pt. 2

Southside woke up and chose protect Caresha...again.

On this Easter Sunday, Kodak Black decided to have Yung Miami's government name in his mouth while on Instagram Live. He was singing her name and even pinned "Caresha Brownlee" to his comments. He obviously wanted smoke, so Josh gave him some.

Southside posted a video to his Instagram stories that said, "Yak, you still a bitch. We can bump too. I'll be back in Miami in a week. Pull up wherever we can bump, don't bring no security. Bring yo niggas, I'mma bring my niggas, we can bump." After that, he got on IG Live and told anyone who cared that he runs Miami.

Now, we all know from the incident with Lil Uzi Vert that Josh is not in a playing mood when it comes to Caresha, but there is some history when it comes to Kodak Black.

“I bought Yung Miami a ring, she bought an 808 baby/When I see her, I’ma hit that bitch in her stomach/The way I keep this shit too real they say I’m fucking up my money,"

While Kodak Black was locked up, he did a freestyle where he said he would punch Yung Miami in the stomach. Besides Yung Miami being a woman, she was pregnant with Summer at the time. Despite what some people believe on Twitter, Southside did check him, but what really can he do while a nigga is locked up? Plus, Kodak did apologize, but what good is an apology if you still on some fck shit?

What annoys me about Kodak Black, besides his pending charges for sexual assault, he has a history of antagonizing women like Young MA, Megan Thee Stallion, and Lauren London. I feel like he is a nigga that does not understand boundaries.

Well, I will update this story if anything of interest happens.

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