Southside Threatens Lil Uzi Vert, JT Wants To Cry, and Yung Miami Just Wants To Do The Twerkulator

Josh AKA Southside is not feeling how Lil Uzi Vert came at his "bitch" Yung Miami and he let the whole world know that. Josh said, "If you don't like my bitch, don't like my bitch. Let them do them. I don't get

in they shit, we don't get in their problems, nigga." He then went on to threaten to punch the teeth out of Lil Uzi's mouth if he says anything else to Yung Miami and exposed that he stopped Offset from robbing Lil Uzi. Minus all the "my bitch" this and that, I don't mind the energy. I also feel like he was more aggressive because of the stuff with this father.

JT, clearly upset, responded to the drama because some fans felt she allows Lil Uzi to disrespect Caresha. JT was so mad she said she would cry if she went on IG Live. Caresha without a care in the world, posted herself dancing to Twerkulator LOL.

What are y'all thoughts on this mess?

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