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Spotify And Payola Go Together Like Peanut Butter And Jelly


Last week, Spotify announced they were testing a new service, Discovery Mode, that will allow artists and labels to identify songs that are a priority to them. In exchange for a lower royalty rate fee, Spotify will add that song to their algorithm so that it shows up in their radio and autoplay features.

So, an example would be an artist/label who feels a song has the potential to go viral or be hit, so they accept lower royalty payouts for the music to get a boost on Spotify. Um…isn't this a form of payola?

  • What happens when most artists take the lower royalty payouts?

  • How do they determine which artist gets screwed out of their ROI?

Spotify claims that if the songs perform well, it will keep pushing the music; however, the song will be pulled back if it does not perform well.

Spotify Personalized Recommendations

This new service sounds similar to a report put out 8 months ago about Spotify asking labels to pay for them to promote their artists. The feature was called Marquee.

Y'all know I don't trust Spotify. They are always linked to some type of "payola" or bully tactics when it comes to artists and labels. All they do is change the name of payola. Artists need to just pull their music from the platform.



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Nov 09, 2020

I hate Spotify! They're some crooks, and I wish these artists would wake and realize that. It couldn't be me, because I would've BEEN snatched my shit off that raggedy platform.

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