Summer Walker is deep into the Jeffrey Epstein conspiracy theory community if the Chrissy Teigen post didn't make that obvious. Today, she posted the viral conspiracy theory about there being a connection between Epstein's island and Spongebob...

Let me throw out a "conspiracy." Epstein bought his island a year before Spongebob started. Was that the address when Epstein initially bought the island or did it change after Spongebob became popular? He could have been sitting around on his nasty island and became a fan of the show. It's his island, so he can name sh*t whatever he wants. He could have named it after the cartoon. It's not like perverts don't do that with popular kids shows all the time.

This is why I can't join in on these conspiracies because people don't go deep enough for me to want to sit around and talk about pedophiles all day. Which, I find that weird in its self, but I digress. Also, like the post above said, Google is used in pranks all the time. Has anyone tried to see if this is a prank?

Summer needs to stop watching that Pharoh guy and become her own Pharoh by investigating sh*t before just posting. Now, I am not saying what is real or not, I am just pointing out how people really don't answer so many questions that they probably should before posting serious allegations against a person, business, or brand.

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