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From Chart-Topping Album to #1 Song: SZA's "Kill Bill" Takes Over the Hot 100

Billboard Hot 100

SZA's Kill Bill Remix With Doja Cat Soars To #1 On Billboard's Hot 100 Chart.


SZA's success with her SOS album continues as her hit song "Kill Bill" has reached #1 on Billboard's Hot 100 chart. This will mark SZA's first Hot 100 number one. Last week, she did release a remix featuring Doja Cat rapping, but with mixed reviews, I guess it did not outsell the original, so she was not credited.

SZA Gets Her First #1 Hot 100 Hit With "Kill Bill."



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24 avr. 2023

I knew once I heard Doja’s verse she wasn’t going to get credited. 😬😆Thankfully! SZA deserve that top spot to herself.

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