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T.I. Reveals What Tory Lanez Told Him In New Interview With Complex


Jessica Mckinney, of Complex, interviewed T.I., whereas she put it, "He had a lot to say about everything." Besides talking bout the new song, Ring, with Young Thug that I forgot he even dropped, he spoke on why he was one of the first to address the Megan Thee Stallion and Tory Lanez shooting incident.

You publicly spoke on the situation between Tory Lanez and Megan Thee Stallion on Instagram when many other artists were not. What was the motivation behind issuing that video statement? 

To be honest with you, I feel like Black women are the most attacked, least protected, least defended, most vulnerable, and most exposed species on this Earth. I don’t know what the fuck happened. I know what she says happened, but I don’t know why it happened. But I know if it did happen, that’s everybody's responsibility to make sure that this young lady feels supported and that she knows that the community and the culture is behind her. I think that’s important. I think that’s all of our obligation and responsibilities, not even as artists, or as rappers, or as executives in this business, but as men, as a Black man. We can’t allow nobody, myself included, to be out here goddamn letting off shots at women in bikinis. Now, I just have a problem with that.

Tory Lanez with Pink background

T.I still has his training wheels on when it comes to defending Black women. He is quoted as saying, "I know what she says happened, but I don't know why it happened." He sounds like White people talking about the shooting of an unarmed Black person. T.I's response is of someone who is still holding out hope that there was a justifiable reason for Tory Lanez to SHOOT Megan Thee Stallion.

I get we all want to be nosey and know everything surrounding this incident, but unless he was defending himself from PHYSICAL harm, there is no excuse for shooting Megan. I don't care if she was getting the best of him in a verbal argument. I mean, she is a top rapper; she has the gift of gab. So, all these people still looking for justification for the shooting of a Black woman; remember there is power in the tongue.


“I spoke to [Tory Lanez], and he said the sh*t didn't happen like that. I said, ‘Well, you need to be saying something, bruh. How did it happen?’ And he said he couldn’t say nothing about how it did actually happen.”


T.I. continues...

Listen, I don’t know, man. But, I spoke to him and he said the shit didn't happen like that. I said, “Well, you need to be saying something, bruh. How did it happen?” And he said he couldn’t say nothing about how it did actually happen. I told him I understood that. I said, “Man, you can’t expect nobody to ignore the facts that are being presented if you don’t have any other conclusive facts that can overturn these. You got to say something, bruh.” If you ain’t going to say nothing, you can’t expect nobody else to. I ain’t about to just shut up when you got facts out here that say it’s a woman been shot at the hands of another Black man within the culture. We’ve got to speak out on that. We’re the fuck niggas if we don’t.

Tory Lanez covering his mouth

I find it funny that Tory Lanez is out here scraping the bottle of the barrel for support and trying to clear his name without, as T.I. pointed out, "Conclusive facts that can overturn" what Megan Thee Stallion has alleged. First off, there would be nothing to "overturn" if Tory Lanez did not engage in a smear campaign. Megan was not talking, but Tory let his ego do the walking, and now Megan and her team are pushing for charges.

The best move for Daystar Peterson is to stop trying to come up with a narrative that justifies shooting Megan and come up with a remorseful way to apologize. Hell, Tory may have been too drunk to remember how the shooting actually happened, and that is why he appears so desperate. But, only getting the support of problematic men and "pick me" bitches is not the best career outlook.


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24 sep. 2020

It makes sense that Tory would talk to TI. Hell, he's the biggest misogynist of them all.

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