Tasha Cobbs Speaks On Backlash She Received From Working With Nicki Minaj

Gospel singer Tasha Cobbs was on The Real Daytime, and she was asked about the backlash she received from doing a collaboration with rap legend Nicki Minaj.

Tasha Cobbs said of the backlash, "I would never jeopardize what God has given me for the sake of any stardom or fame or whatever people want to call it. I absolutely heard from God as it pertains to every collaboration that I do."

She added that her collab with Nicki Minaj is still one of her favorites and that before the interview, she got a message from someone who told her that if she had not released that song, they would have never heard of her ministry. They would have never been at the place they are spiritually, but it's because they heard of her through Nicki Minaj.

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