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Tasha K Interviews Jessie Woo About Beef With Cardi B


Let me get my popcorn!

Tasha K is airing her interview with Jessie Woo tonight, where she will talk about her beef with Cardi B and Karen Civil...Huh???? I am unfamiliar with Jessie Woo, so I don't know what her claim to fame is or about any of her past beefs. I will find out tonight. However, I want to address a couple of the narratives going around.




People need to stop treating pregnancy like it's a disease or handicap. People are running around trying to blame Jessie Woo or others on the internet for disturbing Cardi B's pregnancy. There is a story going around that she has to be rushed to the ER over the "stress."

Cardi B is the only one disturbing her pregnancy the same way she did while pregnant with Culture. This Jessie Woo story was going nowhere until Cardi B decided to involve another blog and do another rant. In fact, isn't a lot of Cardi's reaction deja vu? It's the same script, different "hater." Cardi B's favorite role is that of the victim.

Jessie Woo made an allegation that many have heard and ignored before. People were not all of a sudden stop supporting Cardi based off of Jessie Woo's story, even if they believe it to be true. First, industry people do not want to be exposed for helping in the blackballing of Nicki Minaj and planting of Cardi B. Second, others do not want to admit they were fooled by Cardi B or that they allowed themselves to be fooled because of their haterade towards Nicki Minaj.

"That's the 72-hour rule. I've learned to control my emotions for those first two or three days. That's why I don't run to social media and start yapping about my anger or my frustration, I let it sit, and it always goes away." - Drake

If Cardi B had simply observed the 72-hour rule, she would have seen that this story was a dead end. But, she can't resist the outpouring of support from enablers and ass kissers. So, now enters Tasha K...


Jessie Woo interview with Tasha K about Cardi B



People are saying that Jessie Woo lied about Cardi's team to get attention for her song. Pssst...newsflash: Jessie Woo can be telling the truth and clout chasing. Those two do not cancel out each other. That is why I even questioned why is she telling this story in 2021, even though I fully believe that Nicki Minaj was targeted. Jessie Woo is only doing what Cardi B does all the time.

Cardi B uses her performative arguments with Candace Owens as promo for her music. Cardi B has been accused of using Nicki Minaj and her STANs to garner attention for her upcoming releases. In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if Cardi B released a song within the next week. I mean, she did say Nicki's name in her rant.

Y'all noticed the girls are all comfortable saying each other's names all of a sudden????

Anyways, I don't blame Jessie Woo for using the attention that Cardi B chose to give her. Bardi Gang was going to drag her anyway, so get something out of it. This interview with Tasha K should be interesting.


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kbyte prez
kbyte prez

Hell at this point do we need the Nicki Minaj documentary everyone has been loosing they mind telling everything, AND I'M HERE FOR ALL THE BULLSH*T🤣🤣🤣🤣 Yaya you better be ready because you know Cardi gonna be tweeting all night long after this drop!!!!

kbyte prez
kbyte prez

Exactly!!!! But you know she the media darling the CINDERELLA OF HIP-HOP!!!!!😂😂😂

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