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TDE's Punch Says Kodak Black Needs Help After Viewing Video Of Him Groping His Momma While Dancing

Punch TDE Tweets About Disturbing Video Of Kodak Black Dancing With HIs Momma.


If it were not for the baked-in misogyny within the music industry, particularly Hip Hop, Kodak Black's weirdo ass would be gone and forgotten. But, this is Hip Hop, so he gets to pester Black women in the industry as many treat it as a form of entertainment. However entertainment has it's limits and many

lost their "sense of humor" when a video of Kodak dancing with the woman who allowed him to crawl out her pussy went viral.

In the video, Kodak Black shows his predatory side as he squeezes his momma's ass and then tries to kiss her on the lips twice in a way that appears to make her as uncomfortable as I was watching it. Talk about reaping what you sow.

Well, Punch of TDE saw the video and he was not having it. He tweeted, "Man, I don't know the context of that video nor do I need to...that young man Kodak is sick for touching his mother that way, and he needs help. Seriously. I hope I got that video completely wrong and it's not what the internet is saying it is."

To Punch I say, "believe your eyes." It's disturbing because Kodak Black is not only disturbing, but allowed to stay disturbing because he is making money for someone. FCK KODAK BLACK!


What do y'all think about this video?


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Oct 12, 2021

based on comments, this seems to be apart of the “norm” in Haitian culture? His mom was clearly uncomfortable though. He’s unraveling and trying to bring everyone down with him. His team had the nerve to come for Megan writing abilities and drinking when Kodak is a drug addict himself.

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